※Material: Made of plastic and silicon material, Transparent masks are suitable for permanent makeup practitioners, day spas, restaurants, beauty salons, tattoo artists, catering, chefs, and many other professions.
※The product is designed according to the facial lines, is comfortable to wear, and has little face space, does not cover the nose and mouth, and does not feel hot;
※Anti-fog coated protective cover. Freely adjustable transparent anti-fog mask for any face shape.Feather-like lightness. When not in use, you can hang it around your neck for easy carrying
※reusable, no waste, more environmentally friendly, reducing operating costs, and ensuring a healthy environment and economical use.
※Extremely Convenient: We would recommend this for anyone in need of a kitchen mouth shade for day-to-day home purposes, or even in business settings. You can also use this mouth shade for your day-to-day use such as while cooking for your family.
※One film can be used for up to two months and can be used while washing. Also you can buy Refill Films (5ea)


*All Prices included GST

- One Touch Care Mask $15 (1ea)

- One Touch Care Mask (Set of 5ea) $65

- One Touch Care Mask Refill Film 5ea $15


2020년 5월 7일 SBS 백종원 맛남의 광장에서 방송했던 마스크!~

2020년 5월 13일 SBS 백종원의 골목식당에서 방송했던 마스크!!~

국제특허받은 기술력으로 향균+김서림 방지 기능으로 인해 오랫동안 착용해도 필름에 김이 서리지 않습니다.

더 이상 불편한 위생마스크는 NO!~

귀에 걸지 않는 원터치 고정방식과 소모품 교체비용 절감

Made in Korea

No ear - One Touch Care Kitchen Mask

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