This Jinsung Ultra Clear Polycarbonate Food Pan is suited to gastronorm pan applications such as bain maries, ovens, food service equipment and more.

A food pan and a drain grid are sold separately.

It is suitable for temperatures -40°C  to 100°C. 

The pan is marked with: model code and temperature range.

The notching cover same price as the basic cover. 


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[Jinsung Ultra] Food Pan Polycarbonate Cover - Clear

  • *Dimensions

    - 1 : 325*530mm

    - 2/3 : 325*350mm

    - 1/2 : 262*325mm

    - 1/3 : 175*325mm

    - 1/4 : 162*264mm

    - 1/6 : 162*173mm

    - 1/9 : 110*175mm


    * Height : 2inch, 4inch, 6inch, 8inch


    * Full Polycarbonate

    *Suited to Bain Maries